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“Establishment of a center dedicated to the task of reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources creates an additional opportunity for Indiana to lead the nation to a new energy future.”

-Sen. Richard Lugar

The Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy (LCRE) is located on the campus of Indiana University Purdue University–Indianapolis (IUPUI), and is administratively housed in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology.

The LCRE consists of 44 Research Members spanning multiple disciplines, whose partner departments also help to support approximately 60 students, interns, and post-doctoral researchers.  The Entrepreneur-in-residence program, individuals helping to commercialize LCRE technology, numbers 13.   Additionally, the LCRE benefits from the participation of 20 external Advisory Board Members, who represent a variety of energy and transportation-related companies, agencies, and organizations. 

Since its founding in the spring of 2007, the LCRE has successfully supported and promoted the work of faculty, departments, students, and schools throughout the IUPUI campus and beyond in the fields of renewable energy, efficiency, and sustainability. 

The LCRE is an interdisciplinary research center, and strives to meet the societal and public needs and challenges in these key energy and environmental areas, which also require interdisciplinary solutions.  The Center helps create a collaborative environment for solving these challenges through promoting and supporting programs and opportunities for faculty, students, and external organizations (universities, companies, national labs, and nonprofit organizations).

Additionally, over the past several years, the LCRE has expanded its traditional areas of research, education, and expertise to now include efforts in Waste to Energy (WTE) technologies and applications, biomass conversion to fuels, chemicals, power and heat, as well as industrial energy efficiency and management. 

IUPUI is one of only 24 universities in the United States to be awarded a Department of Energy grant to establish an Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) on campus.  The goal of this $1.3 million award is two-fold: to enable the training of the next generation of energy efficiency managers and experts, and to provide a vital service to Indiana manufacturers and companies in the form of energy auditing and planning to reduce energy usage and become more economically competitive in the marketplace.

Finally, the LCRE meets its mission through public education, outreach, and community engagement.  The LCRE offers an annual Renewable Energy Forum, and several topical workshops throughout the year.  The LCRE also partners with many local organizations to offer meaningful and timely educational opportunities for the community, and forges external partnerships to assist members with research and educational opportunities.


  • Develop an international reputation for excellence in renewable energy research, with an emphasis on renewable hydrogen generation and its applications.
  • Develop and sustain a core expertise in fuel cell technology and in bio-fuel production and applications.
  • Develop and sustain research activities through collaborations and partnerships with federal agencies, state government, and industry.
  • Pursue commercialization of new technologies through industry collaborations.
  • Expand participation to all Indiana University campuses.


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