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ARCHIVE - Lugar Center Spring Forum - 14 May 2018

Renewable Energy Solutions to Climate and Pollution

How Fast? How Far? Who Pays?

Old School:     “Ahem:  The Solution to Pollution is Dilution”

New School:    “Dude!  We need EVERYONE to achieve sustainability”

Humans consume resources and create waste.  Our great society emerged in an era when downstream consequences were small, or remote, or could be ignored.  With more population and greater energy consumption there are more effluents, they accumulate, and their impact is becoming non-negligible.  Already we have regulations which embody a balance between science, economics, and politics.   Are these right, just, reasonable, and up-to-date?  Do we need to do more, or act faster, and if so how do we allocate the costs this incurs in a fair, equitable, and balanced way?  This issue can no longer be ignored. We face it head-on at the Lugar Center for Renewable Energy and invite your participation in the discussion.

The 2018 Spring Forum explores these inter-dependent issues broadly, seeking to inform and educate, and to identify good opportunities for research as we explore these questions together. 

Select presentation materials are available here (see Event Schedule for titles and topics):

Janet McCabe  - ELPC & McKinney School of Law

Diane Henshel - IU SPEA

Vicky Keramida - Keramida, Inc.

Gabe Filippelli - IUPUI, Center for Urban Health

Clifford Haefke (CHP and Ethanol) - Energy Resources Center (UIC)

Jodi Perras - Sierra Club

Carl Lisek - South Shore Clean Cities

Richard Benedict - IP&L/AES

Samuel Henderson - Hoosier Environmental Council

Jerome Dumortier - IUPUI SPEA

Joseph Rompala - INDIEC

Kely Weger - Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Karen Cecil - Cummins, Inc.

Kevin Ellett - Indiana Geological and Water Survey

Several speakers did not use presentation materials

ARCHIVE - Lugar Center Spring Forum - 15 May 2017

The ThrEEEs:  Energy, Environment, Economics

The views on energy between the 44th and 45th President could hardly be more divergent.  Why is this such a difficult topic?  We all need energy to run our economy.  We all want a clean environment in which to live our lives.  Few issues are so close to us and yet cause us to be so divided.  Every State in our nation, indeed every country on our planet, approaches this nexus of energy, environment, and economy differently.  How can we tease out the key issues?  What are the primary drivers?  Who has figured all this out, if anyone?  And, how do we bring it all home to Indiana?

The 2017 Spring Forum explores these inter-dependent issues broadly, seeking to inform and educate, and to identify good opportunities for research as we explore the intersection of the ThrEEEs in Indiana.

Select presentation materials are available here:



















A few speakers did not use presentation materials

ARCHIVE - Lugar Center Spring Forum - 13 May 2015

Energy Diversification in Indiana.

A multi-dimensional exploration of local impacts and opportunities from recent and near-term changes in energy costs. Electricity generation in Indiana is evolving more rapidly than ever before, becoming more diverse and complex. Increased renewable energy sources and the onset of distributed generation raise the importance of interconnect standards, energy efficiency, net metering, energy storage, microgrids, and grid frequency and voltage regulation. These issues must be addressed in holistic ways to provide reliable, affordable power to Indiana's important manufacturing base. At this event individual speakers and panel discussions will cover the various aspects of Indiana's emerging diversification in energy generation, storage, and management. The expected outcome of this 1-day event on the IUPUI campus is a deeper understanding and appreciation of considerations which infuse decision-making at the level of the consumer, businesses, communities, and the State.

The 2015 Spring Forum explores these challenges and solutions and will examine their relevance to the burgeoning energy diversity mix in Indiana.

Select presentation materials are available here:

Weber - IURC

Straeter - New Holland Rochester Solar

Brady - Wind on the Wires

Raj Rao - IMPA

Pinegar - Duke Energy Indiana

Huntington - IP&L

Perkins - First Farmers Bank

Witte - Bioferm

McKinlay - IU

Roberts - BIC

Schubert - IUPUI

Dumortier - IUPUI

Adams - Clean Energy Trust

Carley - IU

Ausmus - Ausmus Consulting

Several speakers did not use presentation materials during their remarks

ARCHIVE - Lugar Center Spring Forum - 6 May 2014

Microgrid Interconnects and Energy Storage.

      -To share best practices in renewable energy and distributed generation

. This year’s topic is the study of microgrids, specifically the power electronics involved in connecting them, and the energy storage needed for load-leveling or for mobility use. This event is designed for sustainability leaders, renewable energy solution providers, academic researchers, and students interested in learning more about these important topics.  The Spring Forum is conducted by the Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy at IUPUI, and is our flagship event in this important field of endeavor. 

Presentation Materials will be presented here:


Geisler - Siemens

Gengenbach - Blinkless

Goodman - IUPUI

Hendrix - EnerDel

Izadian - IUPUI

Kozey - MISO

Rovnyak - IUPUI

Schubert - IUPUI - Opening Remarks

Soverns - Go Electric

Sudhoff - Purdue

Stippler - OUCC

Timofeva - Argonne Natl Lab

Tolen - IndyPowerSystems

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